A teenager who repeatedly stabbed his foster mother to death told a court in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire today that he had heard voices telling him to stab 34 year-old Dawn McKenzie to death.

The teen who was just 13 then said an “uncontrollable anger” set upon him after an argument with her over his internet use and the friends he was hanging out with.

Dawn had ignored the teen after Bryan told her that she couldn’t pick the friends that he has. After her husband left the home, Dawn continued to ignore the boy, which caused him to snap.

He said: “I was hearing voices saying ‘stab her’ inside my head. I couldn’t control the voices.”

A forensic pathologist concluded that the boy suffered a temporary detachment from reality known as a dissociative state at the time of the killing.

The teen had lived with Dawn and her husband Bryan since November 2010. He killed her in June the next year.

He received 7 years jail 2012 after pleading guilty to the charge of culpable homicide with diminished responsibility.

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