On 26th March, The Online Citizen reporter Terry Xu wrote:

"On Wednesday, just after the gun carriage procession of Mr Lee's body, I was pulled to the side in Dhouby Ghaut MRT station by two plain clothes policemen saying that SMRT has reported that people were carrying bulky items in the station.

And I was detained for about twenty minutes odd as I had to wait for two officers from Tanglin Police Station to do a search of my camera bag and to record my NRIC.

Have written to the police and SMRT to clear up the doubts I have over the incident before I write in full what happened.

Writing it here so that "people" know that I'm not kidding about writing on the incident with the CID and please reply clearly what I asked for."


When the Singapore Police Force did not respond to his questions, Terry Xu filed a police report today:

"A police report has been made as the police is still unable to confirm with me if the people who approached me on Wednesday last week were indeed police officers.

My rational is simple.
If the Singapore Police Force is so capable to have taken less than a day to identify the kids who defaced a HDB flat, but now it is unable to confirm anything by now, despite having video feed from SMRT a supposed police report by SMRT about suspicious individuals and officers from the force?
Something is very wrong and serious about the whole affair and therefore a police report is made to highlight the graveness of the issue."
Terry relates the whole incident here:

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