Please stop shitting on Amos Yee.
I do not agree with his views — I think he’s going over his own inflated head.
But that does not mean we should shit on him. For god’s sake, the kid is 16 years old. Everything that has happened so far says more about us as Singaporeans than it does about him.
We find someone with different opinions, and we do everything to beat them into shape, so that they fit the mould. Yee conveniently happens to be a loud-mouthed douchebag that is easy to hate.
So we pile on the hate. We file police reports because that is exactly the kind of culture we have – want to get someone in trouble? Tell mommy. Mother knows best, mother will take your problems away.
He’s 16 years old. Of course he’s arrogant, of course he does not know better, and you file police reports.

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