A lot of my friends were very surprised by my actions during this mourning period of LKY – our ah gong. They know I am a hardcore anti-PAP supporter, yet I went to queue up at Padang and even braved the downpour to line up along the procession route.

To me, the thing is simple. No ah gong means no today’s Singapore. This is something that we can never take away from him and it is a legacy he has left behind. Ah gong is like our parents, a lot of times they dish out very good advice, but we just don’t want to listen. For instance, my mum kept telling my sister not to cohabit with her boyfriends, she did not listen. Every time, the boy dumped her, she came back crying. This is the “love-hate” relationship we have but at the end they are ALL sound advice.

Without a single doubt, ah gong was a man of integrity. He ate and breathed Singapore. YES, he was utterly ruthless against opposing politicians. But which politician is ever benevolent?! Politics is a dirty, dirty game. For instance, even the supposed enlightened Tang Emperor Li Shi Ming. He too had to kill his own brothers in order to become the Emperor. What you and me – people on the street, should really be concerned about is whether the power taken has been used to do GOOD or do EVIL?

From kampong to metropolis in less than FIFTY years, you think this is an easy feat? Just go across the Causeway and take a look at JB, and you can easily tell the difference. In a land that is surrounded all over by Muslims, we are effectively a mini-Israel, but who has ever dared to challenge our sovereignty? The SINGAPORE passport today is one of the few passports that allows you to travel uninhibited to any part of the world. Ah gong’s international diplomacy is the result for this convenience. My dad was a taxi-driver and my mum a housewife, yet they managed to buy a flat for $8,000 so that my family could have a roof over our head. All these were made possible by ah gong and his generation of pioneers! They had integrity and were SELFLESS!! That’s why ah gong deserved a grand send-off.

Fast forward to the time now, or more precisely the last ten years, things are definitely very different!! Selfless leaders are gone in exchange for selfish politicians like Grace Fu. I will always remember that when she had a small cut in her million-dollar salary package, she dared to complain that it might cause a drop in her standard of living. HELLO, your husband is a house-husband is it?! Even after taking a few thousands off your salary, you are still drawing millions of dollars!!

Not only are PAP politicians concerned about MONEY now, they are less interested in the work too. Most of them are already leaders of companies and hence hold many hats besides representing us in Parliament. They are so busy that they can’t even find time to turn up for parliamentary sessions!! Such is the drop in quality of PAP MPs that we can no longer rely on these clowns to solve our bread and butter issues!!

So, we must give credit when it is due. Ah gong did his very best to shape Singapore and we must ALWAYS be grateful for that. BUT when the baton was passed on, especially after GRC was introduced, PAP could no longer maintain the selfless hard work that is required to continue to build our homeland. I hope in the next election we can rid ourselves of these selfish politicians and vote in people who may not be as capable as ah gong but at least had the same heart as he did!!

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