Dear Editors,

Firstly, my complaint is not directed at those who wish to give Amos Yee a lighter sentence or perhaps even counseling to help this troubled youth. I too agree that Amos should be given help and as he is still young, Singaporeans in general do not wish to see his future totally ruined over an immature act carried out when he was just 17. 

However, I have a big issue with those people putting Amos on an altar and "worship" him as some martyr for democracy and freedom of speech. Because of their hate of the PAP, anyone who speak out again the PAP is their friend and even when this boy is so plainly rebellious and problematic, they insist on encouraging Amos, praising his action and egg him on to do even more. Doing all these just to get one up over the PAP. 

Have these people ever wonder what damage they are doing to Amos? Even Amos's mother cannot control him and need to report him to the police herself. For a mother to do that, she must be desperate and feeling helpless and hopeless. But these people who do not know Amos, ignores this big issue. They just see Amos as another way of slamming the PAP without giving two hoots to what his parents are going through. 

These people who are egging Amos on, ask yourself honestly, if your own child were to go on this vulgar rant on YouTube, would you as a parent feel immense pride and encourage him to carry on in the name of FREEDOM OF SPEECH?

How would you also feel if you have a son who call you a bitch on the internet? Would you tell him that it is his freedom of speech to call his own parents (yourself) a bitch and you are totally fine with it? 

Ask yourself honestly these questions. Are you seriously ok with your own child doing what Amos did and you will confirm not get angry and ashamed? Just because Amos is not your own child you recklessly praise him to the high heavens and tell him to do even more worse things to make a point. While he do all that, you gleefully type on your keyboard and smile in satisfaction that you convinced a 17 year old boy to become your martyr against the government. 

Really nice, really smart, really mature. I hope Amos gets all the help he needs, for the government to be lenient to him and hope all these irresponsible person stay out of Amos's life. End of the day, who is going to pick up the mess Amos create? HIS PARENTS, not you brave online keyboard warriors. 


Albert Toh 

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