27 year-old Ouyang Xiangyu is facing trial in California over 4 charges of poisoning the drinking water of her classmates at her graduate studies lab in Stanford University last year. She admitted adding a toxic chemical to more than 2 drinking bottles belonging to her lab classmates.

Ouyang Xiangyu is an Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*Star) scholar. She received the National Science Scholarship (PhD) in 2013 after her outstanding performance in her undergraduate studies at Imperial College London.

A*Star told the media yesterday that it was “deeply concerned” about this incident but would not take action until proceedings have concluded.

Ouyang was described as “quiet and shy” by colleagues. Ouyang claims to be suffering from insomnia and dizziness and had sought help from a psychiatrist. She insisted that she never had the intention of harming anyone. She also said she has little control over her actions.

Ouyang is currently out on a S$68,600 bail but is not allowed to leave the country. She is expected to plead not guilty due to insanity.

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