Dear Ms Lim, 
I am a little person. My friends are all little persons. The Singapore we grew up in was not that great a place. When I was young, I stay in one of the last kampungs in the Tai Seng area. When we were told to move out, of course we were not happy, I had to give up 3 of my 4 family dogs. So last time I also curse the government. 
But after many years, I think I was wrong last time. Because if the government never force us to move, we will never have moved. And I will not know how to use computer and write to you. 
In my school last time, I had a teacher. All of us did not like him because he was very fierce and strict. He caned me many times; in today's standard, I can qualify to have been almost abused. But as I grow up I only remember him. And as I grow up I slowly come to respect him. I cannot remember all my other teachers. When I caned my own children as a father, I think I understood some of the pain he felt. 
I think everything you write in this letter is very pretty and high level – just like how you look, like a glam tai tai. But I do not respect what you are saying on LKY. If he do whatever you want him to do, then I will not be here using this computer to write you. I also don't think you will be who you are today.
The same strict teacher use to always say the worse kind of people are the people who always only talk, like a crow just cawing away. When there is food, the crow will be the first to snatch. When no food, it just sit on the branch and caw and caw. 
Now you sound like a crow just cawing away.
Lawrence Koh

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