After reading Mr Tan Wah Piow’s claim that Lee Kuan Yew’s death would set us Singaporeans free, a strong sense of indignation and sadness overcame me. I cannot fathom the fact that just two days after Mr Lee’s passing, a fellow human being would take the opportunity to cast such a low blow and label fellow Singaporeans as mindless minions. []

As a Singaporean son who has chosen to live in Singapore on my volition, this is my sincere response to you Mr Tan Wah Piow.

Dear Mr Tan Wah Piow,

I am sorry but I have to disagree with you. I am a Singaporean and I have always been free. I will have to disappoint you but I am not a minion, I have my own thoughts, I have a good life and I have a guilt-free conscience.

I object to your remarks that Mr Lee was a dictator, accomplished or otherwise. He was a pragmatic man like most of us who stay in Singapore. He was the leader among a group of other able leaders who brought Singapore to modernity.

I reject your assertion that Mr Lee was someone who would rather be feared than loved. Today, my wife cried when she watched the TV of Mr Lee being moved to Parliament. There was no fear nor any feeling of liberation. Just sadness for the passing of someone who clearly loved this Singapore fiercely.

I think it is people like you who feared him and hence, fled to the cosy confines of a western country. Do not imbue your own fear or cowardice to me.

I agree with you that with his passing, the truth of Mr Lee has emerged. I see a human side of him more than I ever imagined when he alive. He is human just like any of us in Singapore. For that, he deserves much more than your spite.

I neither fear Mr Lee nor despise him like you do.

I stayed in this “veneer of democracy” with my eyes wide open.

I did not run like you did. I chose to stay, work with my fellow countryman and contribute to this country.

You are a mean little man, Mr Tan Wah Piow. Do not lord over us Singaporeans and proclaim us free.

I have no solidarity with you.

Jackson Wee

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