Many true blue Singaporeans are jobless and suffering from unfair competition i know. Even those whom did their NS for their country still find it hard to compete with Pinoys at their very own homeground.

These cockroaches are arriving in droves here via budget airlines with their dubious qualifications and using 30 days social visit passes to penetrate the companies here.

You mean all these white collar jobs no Singaporeans are willing to do? And these cockroaches stay with 10+ to 20 fellow cockroaches in a single HDB flat to cut costs.

This thing is getting out of hand because i visited a company today for a meeting and there are at least 10 cockroaches inside starting with the reception.

Also to add, there are many agencies here willing to put these cockroaches into companies big or small with upfront paid up fees all in.

Just look at this cockroach posting on a popular local Filipino forum here. What she is doing is ILLEGAL.

What is the MOM going to do about this? Or are they just going to tell Singaporeans to suck it up and let these foreigners steal our job?

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