by Wan Dan Liao, Straight Times

Sources have informed ST that Jeremy Clarkson is set to sign a deal with Channel 5.

The former host of TopGear will helm a car show in Singapore in an effort to capitalise on the runaway success of Channel NewsAsia’s Cruise Control segment.

Spokesperson from Channel 5 has denied all knowledge of the deal despite the buzz. “The rumours are untrue,” said Hen Ai Qian, Vice President for Public Relations for the station.

“He could not possibly compare with home grown talents such as Tay Ping Hui.”

ST was told that Clarkson set his sights on establishing a post-TopGear career in Singapore because he believes the motoring culture here is perfect for his brand.

“Jeremy hasn’t been to Singapore, but he’s heard that Singapore cars costs minimally £50,000 and up,” says Lwee Tuck-you, a close associate of the curly haired presenter.

“So he believes everyone drives Maseratis in Singapore.”

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