According to a poll conducted by recruiting firm Hays, 97% of Singaporeans would leave Singapore to work overseas if given the opportunity — the biggest proportion in Asia.

85% would leave for better job opportunities, career development or exposure. 12% would leave for lifestyle factors.

The poll reached out to 2,553 job seekers in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, PRC and Japan.

The PRC came in 2nd, with 96 per cent of PRC polled willing to consider leaving China to work overseas. They indicated better job opportunities, career development or exposure as the key reasons.

The figure for Hong Kong was 94 per cent, and 93 per cent for Malaysia. Japan had the lower proportion of job seekers who indicated they were willing to work overseas — 88 per cent. But it had the biggest proportion of jobs-seekers citing lifestyle factors as the reason for leaving at 23 per cent.

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