Netizens have started a petition to preserve the late Lee Kuan Yew’s 38 Oxley Road home into a national heritage site. This is despite Lee Kuan Yew’s pragmatic wish to demolish his home for better urban usage. You can view the full petition at the link below.

This was what the petition starters had to say:

Former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew’s residence at 38, Oxley Road should be officially gazetted a national heritage site.

This fairly large colonial-style house should not be demolished but should be preserved for as long as is practical.

It was here, in the basement of the house more than half a century ago, that a group of altruistic and committed politicians gathered frequently to discuss and plan Singapore’s self-autonomy and subsequent independence from the British administration during those turbulent days in the 1950s.

It would be most regrettable if Mr Lee’s house were eventually demolished.

Students would have to make do with referring to pictures of our statesman’s house in their history textbooks, which is not a very constructive way of teaching and learning history.

If the house were converted into a public museum, students and members of the public – including tourists – would have something more concrete to relate to, and it would also be a way of instilling patriotism and fostering national bonding.

Unless there are compelling reasons to do so, we should not demolish the house, as this would be an irreversible move.

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