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I beg of you and fellow netizens to stop praising Amos Yee and his actions. It is doing more harm than good for him. I understand that you are showing solidarity and support for him but do you know that you are doing more harm to him instead? 

Based on the observations made by a psychiatrist doctor friend, he diagnosed that Amos is likely to suffer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a personality disorder in which a person is excessively preoccupied with personal adequacy, power, prestige and vanity, mentally unable to see the destructive damage they are causing to themselves and to others in the process.

The way Amos behaves, carries himself and his background story all points to this personality disorder and such narcissism is worsen by the people who praise him incessantly. Even Amos's mother herself made a police report against Amos because he was totally uncontrollable and refuse to listen to his parents. 

If you care of this boy and don't want his future to be ruin, please stop praising him to the high heavens and stop encouraging him to make the situation worse! Give him a chance at a normal life. 

If you look at his demeanor when he left the State Courts today, you will see that he is happy at the attention he is getting and doesn't seem to be worried about his situation. 

His poor father had to apologise to the Prime Minister for his son's mistake and Amos does not seem to be a wee bit apologetic. So please, let him rest and stop egging him on. You are harming Amos and also destroying his family. His mother and father are facing huge stress, first to raise up this extremely rebellious child and now to fend off the people egging their son on to further narcissism and self-destruct. 

Please I urge all to stop encouraging Amos and let his family live in peace. Enough trouble has been caused and they just want all these to go away! 

Albert Toh

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