Enough has been said about the old man, so I will not touch on how good or bad he was as a leader and as a person for Singapore. If there is any emotion, it is the consolation that he no longer has to suffer the ill fate of being kept alive on respirator.

What piqued my interest though was a mysterious lady who appeared during Lee Kuan Yew's funeral.

As you know, funerals are reserved for close family and friends and this lady named Mao Ting stood close to the Lees during the 7 days of proceedings. Who is she and how is she related to the Lee family?


After doing some homework, it appears that Mao Ting is in a romantic relationship with Li Haoyi, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's son.

It also seems that they met while Li Haoyi was studying in Cambridge.



Guess the top question on everyone's mind now would be, "is Mao Ting a Singaporean?" If she is not Singaporean, is she from the PRC?

If so, where does her loyalty lie? Will she convert to Pink IC and become a loyal Singaporean? Would our state secrets be safe when a PRC marries into the "First Family" of Singapore?

I suppose these are important questions for Singaporeans to ponder over and for the Lee family to clarify in future. Till next time…

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