At least 15 police reports have reportedly been filed against 17-year-old Singaporean Amos Yee for posting an anti-Lee Kuan Yew video on YouTube (‘At least 15 police reports filed against Amos Yee‘).

The video, which has gone viral, was created by the teenager. It is called: “Lee Kuan Yew Is Finally Dead!” It was posted on Friday (27 Mar) and has been viewed more than 680,000 times.

In the video, the teenager celebrated Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s death and criticised his political career. He even challenged PM Lee, the son of Lee Kuan Yew, to sue him:

Update: Amos Yee has been arrested yesterday night after Lee Kuan Yew's state funeral ended. 

One of those who filed a police report against Amos Yee is lawyer Chia Boon Teck. Mr Chia told the media yesterday (28 Mar):

This is not a mindless rant. It is a well-considered campaign backed by graphics and statistics to defame Mr Lee and our government. It cannot go unchallenged. He has to take responsibility for his social media posting that was calculated to provoke the public’s response.

Another person who was upset with the teenager for creating the video is grassroots leader Jason Tan. In a Facebook post, Mr Tan threatened to cut off the teenager’s penis and “put it in his mouth” (‘Grassroots leader threatens to cut off boy’s penis‘):

Mr Tan has since deleted his Facebook page.

Filmmaker Jack Neo was quick to disassociate himself from Amos Yee, who had acted in one of his movies. “When I first met him, he was only 13,” Mr Neo said. ” We no longer have contact with each other.”

However, not all netizens stood aloof from the teenager. A fair number of TRE readers lent Amos their support:

Richard: I am a pioneer generation uncle and I find nothing wrong with Amos’s video. In fact, it is a real HARD TRUTH and not the circus bullshits churn out by the white clowns. Singapore with this type of 17 years old, old uncle here is again proud as a Singaporean!

N.Jungne: Wow!!! Amos Yee you are solid for your age

Teric TAN: Amos YEE is just one of many who VOICED OUT .. I reckon there are more to come IF THIS UNPOPULAR PAP POLICY PWP 6.9mn continues?

TKM: Yes, by all means “condemn” Amos for what he did, not many will condone his doing. But I sure like to know why, what drive him to do what he did? Surely not for the fun of it ?

xdcfvgbhikol: Amos, I can say that you have more balls than Roy or being even more direct. You have a bright future. Don’t worry, if they were to charge you or anything. We can donate money to bail you out or to shake off your court fine.

Sg can do w/o old man: Amos represents the new hope for the future of red dot, not dragged and dogged by 50 years of unceasingly mass brain-washing to be blind followers and subservient to the power to be. BUT to question obsolete rigid doctrines and dogmas that are stumbling blocks to our creativity to compete in today’s cut throat competitive environment.

Toast Bread: This young man puts our Young PAP YOUTH MEMBERS to shame with their canned Campbell Soup commercials. I watched this video at least 10 times, cannot dispute what he said.

17-year old Amos Yee is the new founding father of his generation. Well done Amos, your video is refreshing like a breadth of fresh air & away from the stale propaganda running 24/7 on all media corpse TV channels. Have watched the video close to 10 times & will continue watching

A lad who speak from his heart: Except for some vulgarity which most of us spout vulgarity at times, Amos bring out the hard truths about LKY and Singapore politics in a very entertaining manner, without a slightest tinge of hypocrisy.

Lim Pei Say SweeSwee: Vulgarities aside, which I attribute to his budding passion, no one can doubt Amos’ prodigious brilliance, even if he were way older, let alone that he is merely 17 !!! He is certainly gifted and most would agree he would make a great lawyer with his oratorial skills and insights.

Dear Amos: Amos, you have spoken the truth which the rest have been over-intimidated for 5 decades to even speak 10% of the truth which you have spoken. However, it would be more acceptable to some if you were to leave out religion. As an old Catholic man, I have to let you know that your thoughts on Christianity/Jesus is not correct. Find out more on this topic, you will understand what I say and you will get on the right track – Jesus is the extreme opposite of LKY.

Nang eh lui di to lo: Amos, vulgarities aside, you asked some hard questions that nobody has dared to address. We have the highest GDP in the world, and the govt collects the highest tax per head, and yet the social spending, and spending for healthcare are the lowest in the world ! Where has all the money gone to ? Highly intelligent question by a 17 year old ! With the like of Amos Yee & Ruben Wang around, Singapore has hope indeed !

Amos Is A Miracle Manifest: It is best to listen objectively and maturely to Amos’ underlying message rather than the form, though it sounds rather offensive on first hearing it.

Is Amos Yee’s video offensive? What do you think?

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