I came across this job advertisement looking for Singaporeans and PRs to work 12 hour-shifts as a production operator for a shitty $900 per month.

Does this stupid company Lumileds think we Singaporeans are dumb? Obvious that kind of salary is meant to attract foreign trash only. Only these FTs will take wages so low and work such long hours. You think we Singaporeans are like them no family and no personal expenses to pay?

Even the transport fares to and from the lan jiao workplace already cost $120 a month, and after CPF the take home pay is at most $720. So all in all we only take back $600 a month to feed our wife and children!? That's even less than what some foreign trash cleaners earn!

Show that the PAP is not at all serious about tackling low wage and job discrimination against Sinkies. Dunno what is MOM and that good for nothing Tan Chuan Jin doing, no action at all, whole day talk talk talk on social media only. CCB!!!

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