hello Editor,

after i watch the video made by Amos Yee, i think he is the most pathetic cmi product of our education system. u one look c him, you know he study many many books, very learnt but you see the words come out his mouth, all the bad words.

why this guy so cleber but still so no brain? he obvious never go out into society to work before. you like this when outside sure get whack and backstab by your colleague.

he is the usual study alot book but donno how to action singaporean lah. people just die, you how can make such a bodoh video. even my granddaughter also ask why this boy so stupid and no heart leh. my granddaughter only primary 5 also know what is right from wrong.

time to stop reading to many book and go out in real world see what the world is realli like lah boy. put your smarts to good use, book in theory sound veri nice but in real world hard to make true.

learn how to interact with people properly and other people will respect u back. see your IQ so high but EQ so low, now get arrest by polis n many ppl want you to go changi. silly lah u boy.

some advice 4 you amos.

Tan Chong Kiat

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