Hi, in regards to Amos Yee's video, this is my statement.

Dear Singaporean,

Please be mindful of your words & actions during this period of Nation mourning for the loss of our Founding Father.

If you cannot see or appreciate what LKY had done for Singapore, your freedom of speeches or actions should be after his state burial. Choosing the right time to say & do the right thing is wise! It is humanity that one should not say or criticize when it is still the mourning period. As the Chinese saying: 一个人死了,还有什么恩怨都一笔勾销。人都还没有入土为安,为什么要说是非。

Well said by LKY's daughter Dr Lee Wei Ling: "We have an extremely competent Cabinet headed by an exceptionally intelligent and able prime minister who has happens to be my brother. But the life experience that my father has accumulated enables him to analyze and offer solutions to Singapore's problems that no one else can. No one can fill my father's role for Singapore."

I totally agreed with this statement. I respected & honored LKY for the devotion he made to change a 3rd world country to the metropolis within this 50 years. How many of us are so committed to our country?

Before you comment, please check on how much you have contributed to the country too? If one does not like the system in the country, one can choose to leave the country or be capable of changing the system.

If one had not stay abroad in another country for a period of time or see the poverty countries & corrupted countries, you should do so before you comment. I had personally stayed abroad for over 2 years and had travelled almost the whole of the globe, was offered the citizenship to the USA & NZ, but I still choose to be here.

Kindly refrain from condemning or criticizing further which is a disrespect for the dead. Let him rest in peace & 一路好走吧。


With love & respect,

Emily Liew Li Yin


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