Hp number – 90262630 calvin Ng. 2nd hp number – 96222848 Josephine xinhui.

Pls help to share!!!

This couple found my mother lost dog at jurong west at 93 blk 932 on 19th feb.

Today while walking past blk 932, we saw some notices and a picture of our lost dog at the lift lobby. My mum called them immediately and wanted to thank them and get our dog back.

Kelvin is the one who answered the call. He say he is the one who found the dog and said he wan 300 dollars from my mother in appreciation for finding the dog for us. My mother without hesitation agreed and he immediately hanged up the phone.

Few minutes later,another number named Josephine xinhui called my mother and demanded 700 from my mother and say they will not return the dog if we dun give her the money. Upon saying,she hang up the phone.

We tried using diff numbers to call them back and now both of them are not answering our calls already.

Pls share to all dog lovers and help to call this two heartless people to return this poor old dog to my mother.

90262630 kelvin
96222848 xinhui (Josephine ).

We had file a police report with case number J-20150326-0238 at the jurong hq. They are looking into this case as blackmailed cutrently. We are looking forward to all ppl who know them Pls ask them to turn themself in to the police station asap,we just wan our dog back.

Dog lovers Pls help to share and check if this two hp numbers are Ur friends

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