A Madhya Pradesh-based couple was fined for ‘indecent and dangerous driving’ here after their picture of riding a bike on a bridge violating traffic rules went viral on social media.

The couple were photographed by a passer-by on Panaji’s Mandovi bridge, riding a motorbike with the girl lying sprawled over its fuel tank, they said.

The police traced the couple after noting the registration number of the motorcycle which they had hired from a local.
They were fined of Rs 1,000 by the Goa police.

A senior police officer said the couple resided in a five-star hotel and were on a holiday in Goa.
The photograph went viral on social media like Facebook and even WhatsApp and was codemned by one and all.

Even Vishnu Wagh, the BJP MLA, termed it in his Facebook timeline as Sex on the Bike. It stated:

“HAVE SEX WHILE RIDING A BIKE.. NO ONE WILL STOP YOU…. THIS IS GOA….. This broad daylight sex show took place right on the Mandovi bridge on Sunday afternoon. Not a single policeman on the way to stop them. A passerby happened to click this picture. What do you have to say?”

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