Behind the scenes:

Commander of the Singapore Army’s 9th Division BG Chiang Hock Woon is in charge of the situation at the Padang as people queue to pay respects to Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

Since the gun carriage procession, he has been answering questions and ensuring everyone in the queue has adequate space, and says he has had only 2 hours of rest.

Some netizens offered their take on BG Chiang’s command of the challenging situation at the Padang.

Kai Thiam Toh: BG Chiang, I personally saw & hear you commanding on the ground via a mobile phone along St Andrew Road at about 6 pm. I was on my way out after paying respect to Mr Lee. I do not know you but I respect your professionalism and dedication. Well done sir.

Qi Ying: Thank u Mr Chiang for Ur selfless patience to our nation as we parade to pay our last respect to Founding Father. Appreciate your help and Pls take good care of yourself especially Ur out under the scorching sun of our tropics during the day and bracing the breezed of our moonlight. We still need you. Hang on. We are united as one. Much gratitude to you, Ur team and all selfless volunteers, cleaners and kind soul whom distribute kindness to all of us.

Melvin Chen: General Chiang’s command of the whole place has been exemplary. He was also personally on-the-ground all the time and very personable with everyone he interacted with. Really hard work ! Thank you General Sir. NSmen if you see him, do give him a salute and pay compliments.

Choon Lang Tan: He was very nice, we was in the queue he kept cheering us up. Telling us to space so as we could have better air. Thank you Sir. Keep it up

Alvin Phua: This is the mark of a true Commander – being on the ground to walk the talk. He is the type of Commander that I will follow into any battle. Any time. Any where.

Were you in the queue to visit Lee Kuan Yew? How was your experience? Was the organisation up to standards? Share your thoughts with us.

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