Dear All Singapore Stuff,

I recall one of my experiences taking a taxi in the busy hours of the morning a few months ago. I was rushing late for work that day & I boarded the cab feeling anxious & a little out of sorts.

I guess the taxi uncle noticed & he began to engage me in some light-hearted conversation. Well, probably in an attempt to calm me down & lift my spirits a little. We talked about loads of topics like the rising cost of living in Singapore, the high standards of living & whether if it’s worth living here in Singapore while we weighed the pros & cons.

Somewhere down the conversation, he mentioned something that I would remember at the back of my head till this very day. He said in a mix of dialect & mandarin, “Do you believe that if anything bad were to happen to Singapore, We’ll be one of the most united nation in the world?”

At that point of time, I didn’t believe him whole-heartedly. I guess I might have been ignorant then, I knew that we Singaporeans have a strong entity but coming together & being one of the most united nation in the world? I had my doubts. Naturally, I forgot about my encounter with him but that statement has always lived in my subconscious since then.

March 23rd 2015. I woke up to the news that our founding father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, has departed from our lives in the early hours of the day while the nation slept. I remember feeling dazed as I sat on my bed, scrolling through my social media feeds trying to convince myself if he really had left us. He did.

Many pictures & articles began to flood my social media timeline through the next two days. There were heart breaking images of people tearing for our founding father, videos on Mr Lee Kuan Yew‘s legacy/life & even tributes of all sorts that came from the hearts of everyone.

People were showing up everywhere to write messages of condolence & support to his family, sharing their thoughts online to thank Mr Lee for everything that they have and even braving the hot sun for really long hours just to pay their final respects to him.

Mr Lee’s passing is really a big loss to us & I’m deeply saddened by it. However, at the same time, I’m incredibly touched to see the whole nation unite together & show gratitude to the Man who gave us all that we have & even his own life. Thank you Mr Lee Kuan Yew, may you rest peace.

As we all move forward, let us not forget to appreciate everything that we have today; Our Families, our Home, our Singapore. We were given everything from housing to healthcare but most importantly, we were given an identity as Singaporeans who will come together through tough times.

I now truly believe that we Singaporeans are one of the most united nation in the world. After all that has happened & is happening, there’s no doubt about it anymore

& Mr taxi uncle, you were right all along.

Woo Chih Peng.

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