From car plate numbers to dates, Singaporeans are capitalizing on the death of Lee Kuan Yew by picking 4 digit lottery numbers (known as 4D) or other combinations that are related to the death of the pioneer statesman.

Many of the numbers linked to LKY’s birth and death, the license plate of the hearse that carried his coffin to the Parliament House for the private wake have been sold out.

Lee’s date of birth is 16th September 1923, while his time of death is 03.18AM. The license plate of the hearse is 8898.

Punters received errors when they tried to buy the numbers related to the late leader’s death.

“Your bet cannot be processed. The board is sold out.”

In addition, Singapore Pools has announced that all of its outlets, including authorised retailers and Livewire stations, will be closed on Sunday as a mark of respect.

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