Many Singaporeans have recently received an anonymous message calling on them to wear “black tops” when the state funeral of the late Lee Kuan Yew takes place on Sunday. Yet one day after the message was sent, a 2nd competing message was sent out discouraging Singaporeans from wearing black.

The message reads: “If the entire population of Singapore wear black, it is to say that after the passing of Lee Kuan Yew comes the beginning of a dark day for Singapore… Show your respect and be thankful by wearing white.”

Many netizens were divided on the issue. Some felt that people should not be bound by such superficial matters, although others said that wearing black or white to a funeral was a mark of respect.

Even PAP’s Tan Chuan Jin has weighed in on the issue in a Facebook post yesterday.

“White? Black? What’s in a colour?

Just wear your heart on your sleeve.

I for one believe that even as we mourn and grieve, we are also celebrating his life and Our Singapore. It’s something really remarkable isn’t it?

So whether it’s the gorgeous hues of sunset at Marina Bay, a Red and White tribute of a significant line in our pledge on my personal page profile shot or a black and white profile shot…we are of one heart.

Regardless of Race, Language or Religion. Or colour smile emoticon

(A man came up to me yesterday apologising repeatedly that he was in a brightly coloured shirt. “I had to rush over after work and was worried I couldn’t make it in time”. Uncle, what matters is that you cared enough to come. Doesn’t matter the colour. Thank you.)”

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