Today, there was this secondary school kid ask me randomly, what has Lee Kuan Yew done for him? So I say to him:

The moment you woke up, you are in your HDB flat. His housing legacy.

Once you step into your toilet/bathroom, you have the tap with potable water. His water legacy

Once you use the bus and MRT to travel, you are better than your parents in earlier days, having to travel to Shenton Way from Toa Payoh for 2 hours or even worse. His public transport legacy.

You have shades of trees along the roads and streets to keep yourself cool. His greening legacy.

You do not have to worry going out late at night with your parents, without much fear of being mugged. His law and order legacy.

Our country is safely secured from external armed threats. His civilian armed forces legacy.

You have good quality, bilingual education because he believed investing on youths. His education legacy.

So what have he done for you, your parents, and the future generations to come?

#Remembering Lee Kuan Yew

Lu Jiaquan

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