PRC authorities in Dabu county, Guangdong, are trying to turn Lee Kuan Yew’s ancestral home into a tourist attraction. They will spend 40 million yuan (S$8.8 million) to turn the place into a cultural heritage centre, including elements of Chinese Hakka culture and ecological protection.

The PRC authorities in Dabu began construction efforts last year.

A Dabu representative said that many tourists show up in rural Dabu every year to try and understand more of Lee Kuan Yew’s life.

The tourist center will also include a Lee Kuan Yew Memorial Hall that is estimated to be completed by end 2015.

Photos of the Lee family genealogy, an introduction into the life and timeline of Lee Kuan Yew, including his family life, political life and stories of his son, Lee Hsien Loong, will be showcased in surrounding buildings and attractions, which were touched up in 2008.

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