Lee Hsien Loong thanked supporters who turned up at a tribute event in Ang Mo Kio GRC yesterday and gave a short speech on how the late Lee Kuan Yew’s legacy lives on in cornerstones of Singapore society, such as multiracialism, housing and healthcare.

Friends and residents, just a few words to thank you for coming this evening for this service to remember our founding prime minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew. I don’t propose to make a proper speech tonight, a lot has been said. And there’s still a lot more to be said but I think to do it properly, I shall be speaking at the state funeral service on Sunday afternoon at 2 o’clock and we will be broadcasting the service not only all over television but we will organise to have it shown in community tribute centres like this one. So our people can come together and experience this significant moment together.

We are sad, we are sorrowful, our founding father has left us. But he has prepared us for this day because he knew that to build well, Singapore must stand long after he is gone. And he has been preparing for that for many many years. So tonight when I listen to the tributes talking about multiracialism, talking about community, how we have built up HDB, how we have built up healthcare, how he in his own life expressed the virtues which he hoped Singapore would have. I thought his spirit lives after him and it is our duty, our responsibility to take that forward.

So speaking as his son, speaking on behalf of his family, to you and to all the many others who have expressed their sentiments, their sorrow, their love over the last few days, I say thank you. I’ve visited the get-well corner when he was sick. I visited Tanjong Pagar CC where they also had a get-well corner and the residents were gathered and were wishing him well. I took a walk out of Parliament his evening, along the queue — very long queue of people waiting to go into Parliament to pay respects. And this evening, I am here…And I think it’s something valuable for us to remember. With that spirit, with those ideals, with that determination and that will to fight, never say die, and we will get there. Thank you very much.

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