After years of abuse by online sites such as The Real Singapore, The Online Citizen and Temasek Review Emeritus casting aspersions on his integrity, the Singapore government announced today that they were taken aback by how much Singaporeans actually still admire, respect and care for Lee Kuan Yew.

This after tens of thousands of Singaporeans rushed to be the first to queue up to pay their last respects to the first prime minister of Singapore lying in state at the Parliament House.

This caused the line to pay respects to extend to several kilometres and visiting hours to be extended to 24 hours.

Hen Ai Ni, a government spokesperson, said he was shocked to see the groundswell of support given the rise of abrasive online speech: “Due to the rise of social media in recent years, we were under the impression that Lee Kuan Yew is highly unpopular as we have seen a lot of derogatory content put out abusing him.”

“This has caused the government to underestimate the amount of support and respect Lee Kuan Yew can still extract from the populace.”
“Because if you based your understanding on what people might be feeling about him from reading online websites like TRS, TOC and TRE, you’d think no one would show up to pay their respects.”

“But we’re so wrong based on what we are seeing today.”

At press time, Singaporeans said these websites can still operate because since they have proven to be not representative of the views on the ground, they also generally demonstrate a failure to influence the population-at-large.


Editor’s Note: How true is this? People just want to be respectful, does it mean they love ‪Lee Kuan Yew?

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