I want to honestly remind all Singaporeans (especially those on this forum) about some facts of reality: There are plenty anti-Singapore foes from many foreign countries extremely envious of Singapore’s success, who can’t wait for Singapore to fall, and can’t wait to see Singapore fail.

Yet, there exist a bunch of senseless Singaporeans thinking they are intelligent and ‘smart’ enough by writing bilious online comments regarding LKY’s passing; which rightly proves that some men just cannot be reasoned with; some men just like to watch the world burn.

Meanwhile your true foreign adversaries and enemies are laughing at your ignorant, foolish acts of shooting your own feet by insulting one of your most formidable leader; that one person which they have feared and revered for over 5 long decades.

You have just lost one of your best and senior navigators of your tiny ship; yet you choose to rejoice in your uttermost folly and ‘champagne popping’, not knowing and without considering that your vessel will sink right to the bottom of the rough seas if your remaining crew do not band together and unite.

You think: Oh!! We are finally set free, our captain is gone! We now have no one to command us or give us instructions, hooray!

Oh!! The authority wants to restrict my freedom, my rights to free speech! my rights to cheer and jeer!

However, the fact is: No one has ever restricted your freedom.

You yourselves have been wrapping the ‘strait-jacket’ around your own minds, all this while; and naively hallucinating that you will be perceived as someone who have attained ‘real enlightenment’ and ‘exercising your freedom’ by expounding ‘anti-establishment’ cursing and insults on the demise of your very own ex-commander.

Fact is, those as described have only displayed the mentality of an immature petulant spoilt-brat.

Someone very early-on have steered Singapore in the right and best direction possible against the stormy seas, against all the odds. If he had not choose to stubbornly wrestle against the ominous waves and searing winds, Singapore wouldn’t be at where it is today.

Not everything is perfect in Singapore. Nothing is ‘perfect’ in any country you can name.

But we are in a much better position than many other countries today because one man choose to remain tenacious and resolute in his command and direction since Singapore’s Day-One.

That person is no more. But rough waters still surround us which can quickly grow into a mighty tsunami to topple us any time.

You can either choose to man-up, contribute and continue steering this ship, or you can choose to sneer, choke and drown.


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