Bitch please, now you scary Lee Kuan Yew worshippers, go get educated on the whole Chia Thye Poh saga (before that, listen to yourself and realize how much you sound like a North Korean defending the Kims). I don’t care if the guy invented a cure for cancer or saved the world from Nazi domination. If he did something like this to Chia with a clear conscience and no indication of remorse whatsoever, he isn’t fit to be a leader.

He was evil. I don’t think anyone can disagree with me on that either. And Lee Kuan Yew didn’t even invent the cure for cancer. What he did had impact on at most 5 million people, less than half of the population of Los Angeles county. Yawn…

Leadership is not just about achievement; it’s above all about CHARACTER. Otherwise we will just be a mercenary society with no compassion and respect for human rights. In the West, if a leader like Lee Kuan Yew existed, he would have been condemned endlessly and spat on. It would have been a HUGE political scandal if a politician is caught orchestrating an unjust imprisonment of his political rival.

But of course you brainwashed/under-exposed Singaporeans know nothing about that. You only know Lee Kuan Yew is the great father of Singapore, right? Something you learnt from your impartial and objective Social Studies textbook? Something something Asian values, respect, bla bla bla?

First, let’s not overstate his achievements, please. He was only responsible for 3 million Singaporean lives (by 1990). That’s way less than even the mayor of New York City, who has to be responsible for more than 10 million lives.

Was he efficient and effective in building Singapore? That’s beyond doubt. But Singapore was already the TOP entrepot port in Asia by the 1950s, a thriving, bustling world-class port, and he had tons of support from the British colonial government too in dealing with insurgents, defence, consultations, etc.

Second, let’s not also discount the contributions of his esteemed colleagues like Dr Goh Keng Swee, S Rajaratnam, etc. They too did a lot, but I don’t see anyone worshipping them when they died. You want to worship some people? Worship the whole lot of them. Remember, they weren’t the ones suing and imprisoning political opponents. At least their conscience was clear.

Third, I cringe every time I hear the argument that “[all these evil] are necessary to get Singapore to where it is today.” Guess what? Post-World War II Western countries, destroyed and totally bankrupt and impoverished, did just fine modernizing themselves WITHOUT COMMITTING HUMAN RIGHTS ATROCITIES. Japan did it. South Korea did it. Germany did it. France did it. And Singapore wasn’t even in such dire straits when independence was achieved in 1965.

Hell, even Mahathir — another ruthless politician — didn’t jail anyone for 30+ years, longer than Nelson Mandela. If you just ship off your opponents to prison for no good reason and without trial, what makes you different from Stalin, who also sent his political opponents to the gulags? Don’t forget Stalin also achieved much greater things than Lee Kuan Yew; his contributions to the Soviet nation were phenomenal.

So should we also call Stalin great?

Seriously, that man couldn’t even win a general election without locking up his political opponents whenever they started to pose a threat. At least Mahathir charged Anwar for a deed that he indeed was guilty for. In 1998/1999, Anwar had trials, outlets for appeal, legal representation, international scrutiny, etc. Unjust as the law of sodomy was and biased as the judiciary was, Mahathir exhibited way more respect for the rule of law than Lee Kuan Yew ever had.

I know I’ll never change your (small) minds when it comes to Lee Kuan Yew; you’re too brainwashed to think clearly anymore. I merely want to provide an alternative perspective for your consideration. In the mean time, enjoy your $80,000 COEs and fragrant NeWater.

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