I’m awake at 5am and just received news that Mr Lee Kuan Yew, founding father of Singapore, has passed. When the rest of non-nocturnal Singapore wakes in a few hours, the whole country will be abuzz with the sad news, although it possibly comes as no surprise.

Sharing a post that my friend Rozz posted of what her friend wrote about MM Lee. It’s very touching.

I may not be very clear on exactly what MM Lee did as a politician. But as a Singaporean growing up in Singapore, I did witness, with my own two eyes, how the country has transformed. From shitty SBS open window buses bringing Singaporeans everywhere to buses being all airconditioned… Even air conditioned bus terminals!! How the skyline has changed, from low rise shophouses to towering skyscrapers. A Government famous for not being corrupt like other countries. Our low crime rate. I believe a lot is due to him.

Of course, there will always be naysayers who disagree with his methods and are more than eager to correct me of my views of this man. If you are planning to do so, you are one sick asshole. Allow people who admire MM Lee to have one day, on his death, to sing his praises without your provocation. Allow us to have one day of grief without your vindictive guesses on WHY we are posting what we are posting (because we are PAP dogs). What kind of insensitive jerk thinks it’s ok to insult people on the day they died? Resume your angry indignance in a week. For now, FFS just stfu.

Suddenly very angry about all those idiots on the stupid anti-government fb pages making insensitive comments like how PM Lee probably timed the death for elections or gloating over this tragedy. Ughhh I cannot. God I hate them so much!!

Anyway… Back to MM Lee… I’m sorry you didn’t stay with us to witness SG50. Remember when you cried over our independence?? It has been 50 freaking years and look what you have achieved! How every year, when you wave at us during NDP, Singaporeans all stand up for you and clap for you. The stadiums have changed, but our admiration haven’t.

Thank you for all you’ve done. You, sir, are a legacy.

Since the news of Lee Kuan Yew's critical health condition came out, there has been much comment and discussion on his…

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