If we ask his admirers what he had achieved for Singapore, they will probably say, “For a start, look around you!” To his detractors, they might say, “He has given us a gilded cage but little freedom in many areas,” or “We have the jam but not the bread!”

His achievements for Singapore were considerable but he was not one imbued with humility or graciousness. A thousand pities.

The PAP of old was a whole lot better in its early days in power. Its leaders have since become self-serving and given themselves over to money worship and self-preservation. Paying profound lip service to the welfare of the poor, they only provide perfunctory and the barest minimum sustenance to the poor, many of whom were once hardcore supporters of the party.

Our ministers and MPs may bristle with tertiary degrees but they display little heart or soul in their policies and utterances. They don’t subscribe to openness and transparency but has instead mastered and practised the art of showmanship (wayangism) and mind-control through the mass media.

For political longevity, they rely on gerrymandering and mind-conditioning through the mass media.

Definitely no sympathy vote from me. A thousand times no!


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