20 year-old Pradnya Mandhare was sexually assaulted by a drunk man in India one night as she was heading home from lectures.

But the brave young woman did something that most women have not dared to in India – she fought back, hard.

She says:

“He came up and just started groping me. I tried to get away but he grabbed me. The only thing to do because nobody else was doing anything was to hit him and so I belted him with my bag. He tried to hit back and he really stunk of alcohol, but I was determined not to let him get away with it.

I know that some women don’t like to complain to the police but I was determined to make sure he was punished. He was telling me to let go and that he would come with me voluntarily, but I didn’t trust him and continued to pull him along. I managed to hand him over to the police without getting any help from anyone.”

When asked, police confirmed that they arrested a 25 year-old man, who is currently awaiting charges.

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