This was inspired by an earlier post, "WHY IS IT SO EXPENSIVE TO MARRY A SINGAPOREAN GIRL?" by Kuang.
Dear editor,
I came across a comment by an arrogant rich man's daughter. Her comment:
Who does she think she is? Who is she to call Singaporean men who don't want to spend large amounts on worthless branded goods "incapable"?
I got married, hold a well paying job, live in a condo, drive an affordable japanese car and pay my bills on time. I don't have a maid so I do my own cooking with my wife and we split the housework. 
So am I incapable or is my wife incapable or are most singaporean women too demanding?
Anyway, she's the daughter of a rich man. She can pretend to be a model, buy branded bags and live off daddy's wealth and go online to scold Singaporean men who sacrifice 2 years and many ICTs for "tao hong" girls like her.
P.S. Rumoured that her father's company is responsible for packing NSmen's rations during outfield. Her father earns money from our NSmen's sacrifices, and she still dare to come out and scold Singaporean men? Bitch!!

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