There are many people who are so puzzled or even ANGRY against those who “attack” or “criticise” LKY when he is on his death bed. There is basically a war of words between the two camps and even me, was dragged into it, for stating the obvious facts and simple commentary based on these facts. I shall publish my full view later, on what I think of LKY.

But let’s put this clearly. Anyone who wants to be Great Political Leaders and not just any other politician, will have to bear in mind that “Winning” is not everything. You must be prepared to be judged by the mass, historians and history, even after your passing. If you are in politics just for money, those million dollar annual salary, then please make sure you will just be a politician, not some Great Leader.

Great Leaders in ancient times, are all judged by history. The great Qin Emperor 秦始皇 had great achievements beside uniting China thousands of years ago. He had united written text, standardize metrics, standards size of roads, currencies etc etc. However, he is only most remembered as a blood thirsty TYRANT in history who executed or massacred of massive number of peasants. Unfair? That’s World Class Politics. No matter how good you are, how Great you are in many policies and achievements, any missteps or inhumane acts, you will forever remembered by that.

That is why in Ancient Chinese History till now, Great political leaders were very mindful of what they did in their lifetime. They would not go all out to kill or massacred indiscriminately for fear of how History will remember their bad legacy.

Back in Singapore, have you wonder why among all those pioneer political leaders from the White, only LKY created such a huge criticism and attacks on him while he is dying? Not Dr Goh Keng Swee. Not Rajaratnam. This is basically karma. You reap what you sow.

So for aspiring young politicians or future great leaders, please bear this mind. Whatever you do, you will be judged by history and the people, when you die. For those who are unhappy about why people start to criticise LKY at this moment, it is about time to ask, why didn’t anyone attack other PAP pioneer leaders when they died?


My plead to opposition supporters. Please do not post vulgarity against LKY. Post your views about him for all you like but there is no need to use vulgarity.
It would be even more important to post more links on historical events to educate those who are unaware of what happened in the past. Most Singaporeans only have vague ideas about what happened without knowing the severity of events.

This is the greatest opportune time to carry out our very own National Education of the Dark Age of Historical events which were all white washed or taken out of our official history book. This is especially so for the period from 1963, 1970s to 1980s. There is normally a total blank in our official history book or just a little “politically correct” mention of these historical events. This period is what I called White Terror Era, which some of my historian friends may object, but it is basically so, although there were no crazy killings and secret kidnapping of activists.

Issues include the massive imprisonment of activists, writers, editors, reporters, besides politicians. Historical events on the student movement and how PAP under LKY suppressed all these. The happenings which eventually led to the forced merger of the Chinese newspapers. Closure of Chinese schools as well as Nantah… etc etc.

We have to help in filling up this historical blank so that more people would understand our Nation better. I am less interested in the war of words over LKY but more so in mass National Education to our younger generations. Such exposure will help to get more Singaporeans to think for themselves on what kind of political system do they want for their future in Post-LKY era.

He is the PAST, we want to secure our FUTURE.

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