I came across this old news article while doing research on LKY:

Lee: Things going to get tougher as new problems arise

“If that is so, then our work permit phenomenon is a permanent one. We will have an annual intake, which will be permanent, of so many thousands of healthy, striving, often because they are hungry, types.

They, having stayed here five years, can be expected to marry a Singaporean and add to your population. There is, logically, no other way.

At the same time, we must also lower our birth rate in order to absorb foreign workers on a permanent basis.”

It seems that even 40 years ago, LKY already had the idea of lowering our birth rate so as to help take in more foreign workers on a permanent basis!

So, the idea of getting in more foreign workers to replace us is not new. LKY was already thinking about it 40 years ago.

Instead of laying the foundation to improve productivity and nurture innovations, he thought of getting in more foreign workers to continuously drive our economy.

And to mitigate the increase in foreign worker population in Singapore, he thought of lowering Singaporean birth rate!

What kind of a leader is this?

It’s no wonder subsequent PAP leaders are all adopting the same kind of thinking, hatched 40 years ago by LKY.

They want economic growth at all costs, nevermind if Singaporeans are there or not there. It appears that with such thinking, it’s perfectly fine for PAP leaders to even replace the entire Singaporean population with foreigners, as long as the economy continues to grow!


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