The PAP has started throwing tax dollars at our 50th year celebrations in the faint hope that all Singaporeans would come together to celebrate the country’s journey as a nation. With 7 August already declared an additional public holiday, rest assured, PAP will pull out all the stops to showcase our ‘success’ to foreigners and distract citizens from its incompetence.

But what are Singaporeans really celebrating? By honestly answering this question, we will know there is really no cause for such a celebration.

We know the PAP has never been forthcoming and has continued to withhold important information from citizens for about 5 decades. The indecent amount of profits it has squeezed out of ordinary citizens through the sales of HDB flats has caused housing prices to escalate out of control. Do we want to celebrate the opportunity to buy HDB flats at sky high prices in future?

Over the years, PAP has handed billion$ in tuition grants to foreigners and deprived locals of competing on a level playing field. The disproportionate intake of foreigners at our public universities has forced ordinary citizens into foreign universities. Are we to celebrate the opportunity given by PAP to use our retirement funds to help our children further their studies?

After spending more than $100,000 on a child’s education, PM Lee now says degrees are “not the only key to bright future” with other ministers talking Khawk ie degrees cannot be eaten etc. But every top civil servant, PAP MPs and most of their children are degree holders. Hmm.. celebrate intellectual dishonesty?

PM Lee has also confirmed his love of foreigners: “Singaporeans, new arrivals, people who are on PR here, people who are on employment pass ..we feel that this is a place which is special, which belongs to all of us..”. After 50 years of sweat and toil by Singaporeans, our leader sees it fit to change the ownership status of our country! When foreigner nurse Ello made some offensive and threatening comments online about Singaporeans, PM Lee claimed “some foreigners (only) occasionally rant”. Where Singaporeans are concerned, PM Lee says “some Singaporeans occasionally rant”. A pro foreigner PAP has made Singaporeans second-class citizens in our own country. Should we be celebrating our second-class citizenship status?

Elderly public hospital patients have had a tough time communicating with foreign nurses and doctors due to a language barrier. Non Chinese speaking bus commuters have experienced their fair share of frustration trying to communicate with PRC drivers. This was an easily anticipated issue but the PAP does not care because they and their family members seek medical treatment only at private hospitals and do not commute by public transportation. Should we celebrate when the government remains deaf and blind to issues which affect ordinary citizens?

Innocent Singaporeans have been jailed by the PAP government without trial for up to 32 years. You can view the list of 1160 political detainees here. Dr Lim Hock Siew, a founding member of the PAP, was jailed when his son was only 5 months old and released almost 20 years later. Many political detainees have suffered a similar fate and their lives have been ruined by the PAP. There have been calls for a commission of inquiry but as expected, PAP does not want to own up to its mistakes. The ends do not justify the means ie detention of citizens without trial to achieve our miraculous ‘growth’ will always be wrong. Singaporeans should only celebrate when our government ceases rewriting history, owns up and apologises for the wrongful detention of citizens. We should celebrate by standing in solidarity with fellow ex detainee citizens and help them demand justice.

As students, we recite the pledge daily and are reminded to “build a democratic society, based on justice and equality,..”. Are we building a democratic society when the PAP continues to wield total parliamentary control through gerrymandering? Is Singapore not a pseudo-democratic country when PAP has total control over the civil service, grassroots organisations, 153rd ranked media, state finances, citizens retirement savings and security forces?

When power is not vested in the people but the dominant political party, we are anything but democratic. After 50 years of making a mockery of ourselves, it is time for reflection, not celebration.

PAP seems afraid its official version of history would be challenged and lose credibility; as expected, it banned the award-winning film “To Singapore, with Love”. Through propaganda, PAP hopes to perpetuate its unjust exercise of authority. The time to truly celebrate is when PAP ceases oppressing citizens.

There is no light at the tunnel where PAP’s oppression is concerned. SG 50 celebrations are merely PAP’s attempt to distract the electorate from pressing issues which it cannot resolve. It is trying to set the stage for a more favourable election outcome.

Singaporeans would do well to reflect on what the PAP has done for to us. With total control over every aspect of our life and using undemocratic means to achieve its objectives, PAP has been nothing but a oppressive government. Is there any cause for celebration?


I am unrelated to any ex political detainee. As fellow citizens, we should compel PAP to own up to past mistakes and not continue to wear a skirt. Fireworks, balloons and umbrellas can’t heal the nation for people to move forward as one.

Phillip Ang

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