Several Singaporeans have gone down to the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) to keep a vigil for Singapore’s founding Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew.

ON 5th February, Mr Lee was warded at Singapore General Hospital with a serious case of pneumonia and was admitted into ICU.

On Tuesday, the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) said that Lee’s condition had worsened. Yesterday, it was announced that he is critically ill.

The groups of Singaporeans waited in their small groups in silence in the waiting lobby of SGH’s Block 6. Some of the lights were turned off for the night, but they remained there.

Ms Julie Minhat was one of the few who came to offer their prayers. She was accompanied by her sister and 3 other friends. She has been at the hospital since 8pm.

When asked why she came down to SGH, she said: “It’s better than getting updates on TV or social media. Here, at least I feel close to him.”

On social media, false reports, rumours and distasteful comments have soured the sombre note for Ms Julie and her sister.

“At a time like this, it is distasteful to poke fun. When a person is in such a state, we should show our respect.”

Another group of 3 men, all former schools mates from North Vista Secondary School, also came to show their support.

One of the men, 25 year-old Jason Gan said, “I know some do not like Mr Lee because he is strong-willed. But I appreciate what he has done for the country. Had he been soft or lacked focus, I don’t think Singapore would be where it is today.”

Mr Gan and his friends said they were not sure how long they could stay. Similarly, Ms Julie’s group said they would stay until security tells them to go.

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