When the PAP gives you something, they always try to get back something.

The reason the PAP wants to give you an extra off day is because they want you to be grateful to them by attending their propaganda wayang show. On hindsight seeing so many people want to travel abroad they begin to feel short changed.

The national day this year is very important to the PAP to showcase their achievements which they have plenty to brag about. They are going to hard sell to the populous so as to ensure they can enter into GE with a big win. Do you think PAP thinks for the good of Singapore or their party? You be the judge.

Following the crescendo of a hype National Day they will then usher in the GE to capitalize on the feel good about the PAP. They have always equate Singapore to PAP so it is obvious that National Day is also PAP day.

One of the reason why people who can afford to travel is to avoid this wayang show and the brain washing wayang. They do not wish to be contaminated so that they can have a resolved mind to return to VTO. They also fear that they could be influenced to the extend of softening their stance.

Bring your family and relatives to abroad so that they would not be influenced by the PAP who are using the event to further their party politics. We already know how creepy these people are who do not know the difference of national affair and political party affair.

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