Dear all,

Day 1. 09/03

My wife was refer to kkh O&G, and was send to kkh delivery suite on 09/03 at 10.15pm. Due to heartbeat 140bpm and high fever (39.4). 3 doctors visited my wife at the delivery suite, 3.5 hours no medication given to my wife for her fever only wet tissue to place on forehead until 12.45am medication give to my wife (this may cause my wife life or my baby life). Heartbeat 120bmp doctor said my wife is able to discharge! We insist to be warded, finally 1 of the doctor found out something not right with my wife and she agree to let her warded and she was warded on 1.30am.

Doctors report for that night,
1) 3 doctors visited my wife but only 2 doctor wrote on the report. The doctor who mention that my wife can discharge while her heartbeat rate is 120bpm did not write any report!
2) Medication was given on 10.30pm ( Not Ture )
3) We refuse to be Warded ( Not Ture )

Day 2 10/03
In the morning, my wife on high fever, doctor mention to my wife “lucky you did not discharge last night”
Afternoon when i reach, i ask the junior doctor for update. His reply was blood infraction and still under observation.
Night time doctor update me that my wife was given antibiotics and need observation for 24hours.
Remarks: Night time high fever

Day 3 11/03
Morning update from junior doctor: no fever, under observation, antibiotics given and need to be observe for the next 5 days. My question: is my wife so serious to be under 5 days observation? What wrong with my wife? His reply: not sure still diagnosing.. i request to let my wife discharge since she has no fever at that time and normal heartbeat. he can’t make the decision, so i request to speak to senior doctor who can make the decision. that was on 11.30am.
Afternoon 2.30pm i speak to him again, answer given was no from senior doctor for my wife to discharge. i request to speak to senior doctor.
3.30pm i request to speak to senior doctor from him again.

5.30pm i raise my voice at him. i really very piss off at that moment, due to no answer given from him and i have been waiting to speak to a senior doctor since 11.30am!! My question : why she is able to discharge on day 1 when her heartbeat is 120bmp and now everything back to normal but cannot discharge?? no answer given from him. i just want a answer and what cause her to have fever, what so difficult??

5.45pm finally the 2nd senior doctor came, she updated me.. finally i got what i want to know. My wife is having urinary tract infection (尿道感染) that cause her fever. she also mention that they are not specially for infection and they request tan tock seng specially to come and take a look on my wife situation on the next day.

Remarks: Night time high fever

Day 4 12/03

Morning tan tock seng specially came, my wife was diagnose with kidney infection (肾感染)!!! And tan tock seng specially told my wife that he is here for 2 reason.
reason 1: to check on her situation
reason 2: to mark sure kkh did the right things…
To me this is no joke!!! kidney infection (肾感染) will this cause kidney failure??
Afternoon when i reach, i went to kkh business office, request to speaker to service quality team.

My Questions for service quality team.
1) 3 doctors visited my wife,When only 2 doctors wrote on the report
2) What if the report miss out is important or may cause someone life or even 2 life???
3) Why doctor allow my wife to discharge when her heartbeat is 120bmp?
4) Why day 1 blood infection, day 2 urinary tract infection and day 3 kidney infection.
5) Why didn’t TTS specially call in since day 1 when she is having blood infection.
6) Is the doctors in kkh doing experiment on my wife?
7) should pay so much for the bill? it seen like doctors is doing experiment.
8) why am i receiving different update from different doctor?
9) is my wife suffering from kidney infection since day 1 or due to late treatment?

I also request from service quality team, no more treatment by junior or trainee doctors for my wife!
It will take 2 weeks for the service quality team to investigate
When i reach the ward i question the 2nd senior doctor, day 3 is urinary tract infection why today become kidney infection (肾感染) what next?? How come now become kidney infection (肾感染)!! her reply: urinary tract infection (尿道感染) and kidney infection (肾感染) is the same!!! And she expect my to accept it!!!

how to accept it??? to me a non medical person urinary tract (尿道) and kidney (肾) how can it be the same??? i raise my voice at her to demand a high ranking doctor explain to me.

15min later 2 high ranking senior doctor came with a nurse manager, they explain to me the cause of the kidney infection (肾感染). It was cause be the urinary tract infection (尿道感染) due to my wife body did’t show a sign of urinary tract infection (尿道感染), that’s why it take longer time to diagnose as compare to others. so the infection travel up to kidney (肾). They also update me on the treatment plan which they had consult KKT Specially. i also inform the that i dun’t want any junior or trainee doctors to treatment my wife.

Day 5 13/03
Afternoon update from nurse manager: blood test for blood taken on day 2 11/03 result show that new infection start to grow on my wife blood. will be giving my wife 2nd type of antibiotics.

Day 6 14/03
Morning update from nurse manager: KKT Specially ask to remove the 2nd type of antibiotic. Laboratory lab from kkh also confirm that the blood test result Credibility is not high!!! KKT Specially also mention that he did not want any junior doctor to update him only senior doctor do so… i really dun’t know what is going on!!!

Afternoon Nurse manager and 3 senior attend to my wife due to they realise something wrong with her right hand which was on drips at the moment as it is swollen badly and it may cause infection. As far as their concern, they recommend her to change the drips to left hand. but before the can do so, they will need to consult the doctor. The doctor came, she press on the swollen hand and ask her is the any pain. My wife dun’t feel any pain and the doctor told the senior nurses that she dun’t need a change because there wasn’t any pain.. they nurses look so surprise to me, they then ask the doctor to write a black n white for them to file in.

At the end my wife still choice to believe the senior nurse then the doctor.
Is the doctor waiting for things to happen??

Day 7 15/03
Night time. things happen is show on the video below. Everyone at the scene know that my wife is really in deep pain, as her lips turn white within seconds. trust me really very pain.. when the doctors arrive my wife cry and beg to leave her alone, she wanted to go back home with me!! she told the doctor, she dun’t want any more dips. Yes i wanted to bring her to other hospital too, i really very upset with the service giving by kkh.

Day 8 16/03
1.10am i post the video on my FB.
Morning My wife doctor incharge finally come which i did not see before for the past 7 days. he feel sorry to what has happen to my wife. he explain on day 7 issue that even some senior doctor may not do it perfect. i agree with him, but what make that junior doctor think that she can do so??? after all i still revised my right to pursue..

Doctor report on that afternoon: on things to do, medication injection to be given to treat my wife swollen legs due to long time on drips.
At night i post the video on kkh fb.

Day 9 17/03

Morning service quality team send someone to talk to me to solve the issue on their level.. at the same time doctors did their daily check on my wife and realise that the injection was not given on Day 8, my wife told me that the doctor question the nurse “if no need to inject i write down for what”.
Is all the above mistake that my wife had face in kkh enough to complain or enough to cause a person life???

Yx Wee

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