Like a scene out of an American action blockbuster, police were led on a high-speed chase through the KPE to ECP on Monday night around 8pm when a Mazda 3 drove through a police road block in KPE during a routine operation.

When the police signalled for the driver to stop, he floored the acclerator and started the 15 kilometre high speed chase through the KPE. The pursuit came to a close when the driver tried to escape by exiting at Prince Edward Road near Shenton Way.

While cornered in a carpark, police had to ram the motorist to prevent him from escaping. Realising there was no escape, the motorist finally exited the vehicle where he was quickly subdued by police officers.

A police spokesperson said that the officers had taken into account the public’s concerns during the pursuit to ensure that members of the public’s safety were not compromised. Police investigations are still ongoing.

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