Hi A.S.S,

I want to relate an experience I had a few months ago at Delta public swimming pool.

It was at about 5pm on a weekday when I was there for my usual swim after school. I finished my usual laps in the pool and headed to the male toilets, but this time I noticed this suspicious man lurking around outside the toilet. He was fat, a bit bald and greasy looking as he had a very “perverted uncle” look.

But since he was loitering outside the male toilet, I did not think much of it. But as I went into the toilet, I noticed that the man also went into the toilet after me.

At first I didn’t care because I was just going to take my bath and get out of there. There were only less than 5 people in the toilet at that time, myself and that weird man included.

As I changed out of my trunks to go bathe, I started to feel uneasy. The man was hoovering around the shower area and it was so obvious he was staring either at me or another young boy who was waiting for his father.

I gave the man a What do you want? look and he immediately turned away from me and pretended to do something else. The guy’s behavior gave me a bad feeling, so I decided to do what I had to do quickly and get out of the place.

When I went back home to tell my brother about my experience there, he told me that he had seen a similar looking guy behaving suspiciously there too. We think that that man might be a gay lurking around the male toilets trying to stare at men’s private parts. The thought itself makes me feel damn disgusted.

I haven’t gone back there in a while since after the incident, but I hope to warn others about this man at Delta. I hope God will help him mend his ways and stop preying on boys and men at the pool.

Thank you!

Freaked Out Dude

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