My working experience in MNCs in Singapore shows that many top and middle management positions are filled by their own people because of power structure and hire-their-own-people inside the company. Many are parachuted from overseas with their own men/women into the company; so, the hiring of own kind. Many Singaporean ends up doing the low to mid level jobs that are dispensable and easy to replace subject OPEX (Variable Cost) to be made redundant in financial accounting so to protect foreigners who are on higher pays.

That is why many middle age Singapore like 40+ are unemployed or under-employed today.

Just speak to the security guards, cabbies, and so forth. You will be surprised many have degree or double degrees and ex-PMETs.

Seen many Indian originally from India would hire their own from India and even local Indian do not have the 1st priority. Even the Indian told me that the culture of hiring own kind from same village.

Indian is very good in building own group inside the company to protect their survival and so forth and hire their own kinds.

Been to an interview and the head hunter said the interview is a process to show no Singaporean talent so that later the company can show MOM that no Singapore talent and hire own kind by parachuting from overseas on top position. Because the hiring manager wants its own people and firing in western world costs a lot and so, move the headcount to Singapore and then take away the headcount locally. This is the magic number game played by MNC.

I think you are wrong or being privilege not to experience the above problems.

HKG, Australia, Malaysia and so forth have policies that only hire Singaporean first and why can’t we ? Unless you are FT too … non Singaporean.

Then please refrain from speaking on Singapore and Singaporean for the courtesy sake. We welcome you but please don’t bite our meager poor hands.

Suffering Singaporean PMET

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