Dissident-bloggers and hate sites are questioning the legality of AHPETC PAP activists distributing flyers, urging the residents to question the Workers Party on town council finances.

To begin with, if this was an issue, you can be sure that the TARGET of these flyers, the Workers Party, of which THREE of them are qualified lawyers including Chen Show Mao who is a legal eagle, would be the first to cry foul.

Have they?

If they haven’t why are these half-wit bloggers kicking up a ruckus on their behalf?

More importantly, what these dissident-bloggers are doing is extremist behaviour and very dangerous for Singapore.

They are questioning the impartiality of the police force and the judiciary in Singapore.

Faith in our legal system and our police force underpins our hard-won social harmony and stability. By inciting people to question this and shaking the faith in the pillars of our society, these dissident-bloggers and websites are plainly speaking, inciting sedition.

I call on all reasonable Singaporeans to condemn their treacherous actions!

N.B. To be clear, I have no problem with people saying that this is ‘ugly politicking’, or even ‘negative campaigning’. But to question the impartiality of our legal system – that is a serious accusation and a false one.

The logical conclusion of the spread of hate and distrust towards our policemen by bloggers is this : soon we will have community tension with police, people will start verbally abusing them. And this will end with attacks on the police.

It has already happened in other countries. If hate-sites like The Real Singapore and dissident-bloggers like those from The Online Citizen are not stopped from spreading lies and hate towards our police, we will have rivers of blood on our streets.

Mark my words.

Calvin Cheng
Former NMP

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