When was it the norm for people to measure proposal by how big the ring is? Who say must be several times the monthly salary?? Diamond must big, wedding photoshoot must be atas location at atas boutique, wedding venue must be W Hotel/Capella/St Regis/Fullerton. Guys cannot take this shit any longer!!!

I'm happy with my gf, I wanna marry her soon, but seriously, i see the market out there… When u go around looking for the photoshoot, the word suit is mentioned maybe max 5 times. Since like tat, girls when they want, just go engage any studio and take themselves can liao right?

Why wedding must be until W Hotel or St regis where table is 1.9k before tax? why diamond ring must be so expensive? if too small then reject? have a market rate which is 3-10 times the guy's monthly salary?? Ss this some tradition from ancient china or india?

Honeymoon i can appreciate going to Europe and all, plus the travelling experience.

In a short list: Diamond Engagement ring, Expensive wedding venue, Japan/Korea Photoshoot

So this is wedding preparation, what about after wedding? house is free? kids is free? all these the guys just pay n pay, the women dun have all these cannot get married? Again, not saying my own r/s, although my girl sometimes envy jay chou's million dollar wedding.

But I see whats happening outside, seriously us guys need to stand firm. Wedding itself is a small thing in the marriage, it is only made till this scale because of the amount of money people can make from you doing it. us guys if we see another guy trapped in a money grabbing girl's hand, tell him to run far far.

Seriously sick of this shit that we Singaporean guys have to go through just to marry a local girl 🙁


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