In response to the viral video, the daughter would like to clarify: “The original intention of releasing the video is to highlight the poor treatment taxi drivers receive from customers. Every care was taken to ensure the passenger’s face was not revealed.”

She says that even though what the rude passenger did was wrong, she does not agree with the personal threats that have been made against him and the releasing of his personal details online. “He was wrong, but people make mistakes and there’s no need to crucify him for it,” she adds.

She is also willing to forgive the passenger and even have dinner with him. “I hope he will give this story a happy ending by coming forward to apologise to my dad. We’ll always be happy to have dinner with him,” she said. She also added that she has forgiven him even though he has not reached out to apologise yet.

Instead of focusing on condemning the passenger, she would like the general public to direct their efforts and attention to the good that can come out of the incident. She writes:

If you’re seeing this, thank you for the outpouring of support and love. Everyone is awesome (bet the lego song is stuck in your head now) and netizens have been fucking amazing.

I did not start this to create a witch hunt to prosecute a person. The intention was to highlight the difficulties taxi drivers face and the lack of policies to protect taxi drivers from bad passengers.

Let’s stop with the hate and the bashing. I think he’s learnt his lesson. People make mistakes and we can only choose to become a bigger person and forgive them for it.

We should instead focus on the good – such as this! Share the love folks, not the negativity.

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