I am inspired, truly inspired, by what the leaders in the PAP Women’s Wing said about putting more money into the CPF for the wives. On first impression it sounded silly, and I thought so too, until I put on my thinking cap and realised how brilliant it is. I cannot blame those people who are so angry with all the things that are happening to the CPF Scheme and their money that is being transformed into not their money in many ways. It is a good lesson to learn. Once you put your money into someone else pocket, you might as well forget it.

Let me explain why the suggestion to put more money into the wives CPF accounts and why I called the CPF Scheme an idiot proof scheme make sense. I am sure all of you understand the meaning of idiot proof. It means it is safe even in the hands of an idiot. So, if one is an idiot, put your money in the CPF is absolutely safe. For there is this very caring and clever govt always there to look after your money and make sure it will be there for the rest of your life and with a lot to spare even after you passed away. In other words, your money cannot finish even after you are finished.

Other than the idiots, people that are prone to gamble away their money, people that are irresponsible with their money, stupid people that could easily be conned of their money, or anyone that does not know how to manage his money, the idiot proof CPF Scheme is the safest. Put your money there and it is guaranteed that the money would always be there, paying good interest rates some more.

And don’t forget about putting more money into the wives accounts too as recommended by the PAP Women’s Wing. The money would also be safe there in the wives’ accounts. But before doing that, remember to ask a few questions or the wives will kill you. Check if your wife is an idiot. Check if your wife is a gambler. Check if your wife is irresponsible or careless with money. Check if you can trust your wife if you give her good money in cash. If all the answers are yes and the last answer is no, then put whatever money you want to give to your wife into the CPF. Then you can feel very safe with the money and your wife not squandering it away.

Now you understand why this idiot proof CPF Scheme is an ideal scheme? Over to you wives.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean

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