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Dear editor

This incident happened on 11 March during evening rush hour.

I was on the MRT train when a pregnant woman board at Sembawang MRT station. Immediately, I waved at her and got off from my seat to let her have it. She brushed passed, ignoring me totally, ‘plong’ herself into the seat and starting using her handphone. I stood in front of her dumbfound at her insolent attitude.

When I got over my shock, I told her that it is basic courtesy to say thank you when someone give up the seat to her. She looked up from her handphone and said, “So you want me to say thank you to you?”

I repeated that that is basic courtesy. She ignored me again and when back to her handphone. I took out my handphone and took a photo of her and she didn’t even bother to look up.

I learn my lesson “It does not pay to be kind.”



Editor’s Note: Do you think Singaporeans should give some leeway to the elderly & pregnant women? If yes, what is the limit?

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