Please help the victims launch a nationwide-hunt for these two scammers Chua Chin Wee (aka Anson chua/Gko chua), and also the female scammer Law Fong Fong (illegal overstayer in Singapore).

Do NOT be their next victims. These are professional scammers who have evaded the law since 3 years ago, borrowing from illegal and legal moneylenders (to the amount of $50,000 SGD), conducting scams on innocent people in Singapore who go to them for computer repair (they work from whichever rented home they stay), cheating people of thousands of dollars for each victim. Chua Chin Wee is also wanted by the Singapore police for scamming, illegal trespassing, using fake details on his IC (not updating his current address and using old address to borrow money and scam people, commit crimes) and his neighbours said he is also a drug addict.

Please do not let yourself or your family or friends be scammed by these 2 scammers. It is heard that Chua Chin Wee is trying his best to find ways to escape Singapore using fake passport for his girlfriend Law Fong Fong. And they are looking for their next victims so they can have money to escape Singapore after cheating so many victims. Some of the victims have mentioned that Chua Chin Wee (aka Anson chua/Gko stars/Starblaxe Wee) personally said he intends to either open a shop in Sim Lim Square, or work in Sim Lim Square. Watch out for that, or you’ll be his next victim!!

He is an ex-convict (found out from his neighbours) who will pretend and tell you that he used to work as an engineer in a well-known Japanese electronics company here in Singapore, which is NOT TRUE. He impersonated the real owner of Starblaxe (which is shut down, the real owner of STARBLAXE Mr M said that Chua chin wee even scammed Mr M’s mother of several thousand dollars and there are even police reports made but no one can locate this fugitive).

These are some photos taken from the scammer’s Facebook account, and also This scammer steals/cheats each victim of $3000-$15000 on average.

Please spread the word, and if you see him in singapore, please call 999 immediately for he is a wanted criminal in Singapore for criminal breach of trust and other crimes. He always uses wifi on wechat/whatsapp for scamming victims, as well as through online advertisements, upon which he will meet up with you and ask for your electronic items for repair and then run off with your electronic items. He is currently hiding in different parts of Singapore.

Here is his Facebook:…/Starblaxe-Wee/100008143487885
And his other Facebook name is “Gko Stars”.

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