A netizen "Amanda" has approached the editor with regards to a recent article about a couple accused of cheating their landlord. Read the article here.

According to Amanda, the accusations of cheating are untrue. She claims that the man who exposed her and her fiance, Vincent Tan, are not the real landlords of the house and that a woman named "Alice" is the true landlady behind the house.

Amanda says that trouble started when Vincent was released from police custody on 6th March. When he called the landlady, she said that Vincet could take his time to pay her back as he has just been released.

A short while later, Vincent received a call from the same landlady who demanded to have her rentals paid, to which Vincent replied that he did not have enough money on him because he had just been released. He told her that he could pay her $200 first and then pay her another $300 a few days later before finally settling the balance in about a week.

However, when Vincent went to meet the landlady, she said that she would only allow the couple back in after they had made full payment and locked them out.

The couple have launched a counter police report accusing the user who reported them of leaking untruths about them online.

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